CVO president receives university’s highest honor

On Friday, March 20, under an overcast sky, friends and colleagues of some of the most amazing Tar Heels gathered in the Forest Theater on the beautiful UNC campus. While they chatted in the crisp Chapel Hill air, those amazing Tar Heels were being staged at Jackson Hall, having all arrived based on various ruses, as the real reason for their presence was tightly guarded—kept secret by dozens for weeks.

Just after 4 pm, a gong sounded to indicate the beginning of the 111th public tapping ceremony for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Order of the Golden Fleece. A number of the existing 2,016 members, known as Argonauts, made their way down the stairs to take their seats near the front. Behind them, those to be inducted, known as Neophytes, stepped down to form a line in front of the stage. After introducing the day’s speakers, the Neophytes took their seats for the hour-long ceremony in which each was given their Argonaut number and the award citation read for the audience.

Neophyte Jacob Hinton

Carolina Veterans Organization President J. Jacob Hinton was acknowledged for his vision for and commitment to improving the experience of Carolina veterans. His citation reads:

For his dedication to improving the lives of Carolina veterans. Jacob Hinton is the president of Carolina Veterans Organization. During his leadership, the organization has grown to 50 regularly participating members and has gained national recognition. Jacob has advocated for student services to be responsive to the needs of veterans and has worked closely with offices across campus to decrease the burden placed on student veterans. His solutions have been institutionalized on the large scale by working directly with the board of trustees and the chancellor. Jacob’s efforts have resulted in greater awareness of the issues that student veterans face and actively improved the well-being of veterans on campus. He has also engaged his organization to participate in significant service, including the donation of over two tons of food to [local food banks]. For these and other accomplishments, the Order of the Golden Fleece proudly taps Jacob Hinton.

On Friday, March 27, in a formal, private ceremony with speaker Chancellor Carol Folt, Jacob and the other Neophytes will be formally inducted into the society, officially joining more than two thousand Argonauts who have made significant, lasting impacts on the Carolina campus and community.

Founded in 1904, the Order of the Golden Fleece is the University’s oldest and highest honorary society. Those eligible for selection must possess exemplary character and include juniors, seniors and graduate students who have made a significant, lasting contribution to the University, and others who have made a significant contribution to undergraduate student life.